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A Troubled Marriage Family Comes First When Divorce Is Justified Divorce and the Bible The Forbidden Exit Coping with Misunderstandings Book Excerpts Media Interview Contact the Author Message Forum
God's Grace in Divorce
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Dear Friend,

Divorce can be a gift to a family... if it is done to save the children from a dysfunctional home. This is a shocking thesis, especially to those with faith, because marriage is meant to be a union for life. Anyone who has lived with an irrational spouse will agree with me that a marriage cannot continue if the partner becomes a thorn in the flesh that tears the family apart.

Many spouses live under the repressive yoke of an unreasonable partner. The good spouse may not speak up and accepts the burden. He or she does what is right for the family, prays for a miracle to happen and hopes for better times to come. Meanwhile, the family suffers and begs for a solution.

When things go wrong, the good spouse has amazingly little power to improve the situation. He or she is only one piece of the puzzle and cannot master the others. Counseling and prayer become ineffective when the mind of the partner drifts.

We will never understand why bad things happen to good people. During difficult times, we must use our God-given intellect to preserve our dignity and do what’s best for the children. The path we choose may not always agree with religious conventions. God understands our choice and provides blessings if done in good faith and with love.

Divorce for just cause is poorly understood in Christian circles and many churches make a deliberate attempt to avoid the issue. If you are burdened with an unworkable marriage, then this website is for you. It offers unbiased answers to difficult questions, issues that are seldom discussed in religious circles.

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